Our School - Our School Fees and Parent Payment Information


Schools provide students with free instruction to fulfil the standard Victorian curriculum and we want to assre you that all contributions are voluntary. However, the school still must meet the substantial costs involved in providing these materials. Nevertheless, the ongoing support of our families is important to ensure that our school can offer the best possible education and support for our students. We are grateful for the support we recieve through the school community, whether that’s through fundraising or volunteering time. This has made a huge difference to our school and the programs we can offer. Within our school continued support through these payments has allowed us to provide opportunities we couldn’t otherwise, both in the classrooms and out in the playground. These include the essential learning items in book boxes, engaging literacy and numeracy resources, up-to date digital learning tools and our ninja warrior course.

Our school fees have been carefully considered by School Council to ensure they meet DET Policy.


Curriculum Contributions are items and activities which the school deems as essential for student learning, without which, students would be unable to access the school’s delivery of the standard curriculum.





Payments for Extra-Curricular Items and Activities including excursions, incursions and other school events and activities are not included in this package but may be requested throughout the year.




School councils can invite parents to make other contributions to support the school. In 2022 the Other Contributions options include:


The Buildings and Grounds Contribution is used to ensure that our school facilities are maintained to the appropriate standards and is used to purchase and maintain items not included in the building funding program such as gardens, air conditioning and play equipment.  (tax deductible)


per family

The Library Fund Contribution will be used to support the school to purchase and maintain our school library reading resources.  (tax deductible)

per family

The First Aid Contribution will be used to support this important service at our school. School based funds are also used to provide this service.

per family

The Canteen Contribution is used to support the canteen service at our school.

per family

The Digital Learning Resources Contribution will be used to lease, purchase and maintain digital resources to be used by students in the classroom including laptops and ipads. 

per family

Please click on the link below to download or view the relevant school fee letter. The Parent Payment DET Policy can be found in the
Yarrambat PS Policies Document.