Our Programs - PREP

The 2018 Prep team consists of Christine McCoy, Jessie Frampton, Melissa McEwan, Melissa Heath, Claire Scott, Amy Reibel and Alanna DiSera. Helen Stanley provides specialised programs for students that require extra support or extension. The education support staff are Josie D’Angelis and Sharon O’Connell.



Throughout the year special activities, incursions and excursions are organised and celebrated. A Prep breakfast is held at school in Term One. A Fairytale Ball concludes learning in Term Two. A session in the Life Education Van occurs during Term 3. In Term 4, there will be an end of year picnic with the Grade 6 buddies.



Literacy Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening play a major role in the Prep program. Two hours each day are devoted to our Literacy Program. They participate in a variety of reading activities including Guided Reading, Shared Reading, ICT and Learning Centres to develop the recognition of high frequency words and reading strategies. During writing lessons, children compose, record and reread their ideas. They write daily, participate in small group lessons and share what they have written with the class. We use the VCOP writing program which develops the student’s knowledge of Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation.



Mathematics helps us make sense of the world around us. It is more than ‘sums’ and learning tables. It involves skills we use throughout life. In the classroom, the children use a variety of concrete materials to create and re-create the mathematical ideas presented. The starting point for the majority of the lessons engages the children in a focus activity, which then leads to further application work and small group work with the teacher. Preps participate in a variety of maths games and projects.




One hour a week is devoted to our Discovery program. Children come up with ideas on topics they would like to discover more about. Some of our past Discovery topics are: how to build a theme park, how computers work, how to make a toy, how to program Bee-Bot robots.



Prep students have the opportunity to take part in Prep Investigations for one session a week where they take part in a variety of play-based learning areas that change regularly. This time is used for teachers to develop children’s vocabulary, writing and social skills.



Preps participate in Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Italian lessons throughout the year.