Our Programs - PREP




Throughout the year many special activities, incursions and excursions are organised and celebrated in Prep. Some of the school-based activities include; Prep breakfast, when children come to school in their pyjamas and eat breakfast, The Fairy Tale Ball, 100 Days of School Celebration, The Life Education Van, Special Persons' Day and an end of year picnic with their Grade 6 buddies. Excursions have included visiting Bundoora Park Farm and the Melbourne Museum. Integrated into our teaching in Prep are the Yarrambat School Values. We also use 'The Pit' and 'The Learning Pit' as references in the classroom, where students are able to recognise times when they need assistance emotionally or in their learning and know how to seek help. We use the Yarrambat Primary School Learning Process, where we begin by 'Building Knowledge', bringing what the students know to the topic, using their senses and trying things out. We then 'Make Meaning' by sorting and grouping, comparing and contrasting, and evaluating new information. Finally we 'Apply our Understanding' by taking action, deciding how to present the information, design, solve and create. Using this process allows students to understand where they are in the learning process at any time.



Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening play a major role in the Prep program. Two hours each day are devoted to our Literacy Program. Children participate in a variety of reading activities including Guided Reading, Shared Reading, ICT and Learning Centres to develop the recognition of high frequency words and reading strategies. During writing lessons, children compose, record and reread their ideas. They write daily, participate in small group lessons and share what they have written with the class. We use the Soundwaves program to learn phonics and spelling and the VCOP writing program to develop the student?s knowledge of Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation.



Mathematics helps us make sense of the world around us. It is more than 'sums' and learning tables. It involves skills we use throughout life. In the classroom, the children use a variety of concrete materials to create and re-create the mathematical ideas presented. The starting point for the majority of the lessons engages the children in a focus activity, which then leads to further application work and small group work with the teacher. Preps participate in a variety of maths games and projects.




One hour a week is devoted to our Discovery program. Children come up with ideas on topics they would like to discover more about. Some of our past Discovery topics have been 'How to build a theme park', 'How computers work', 'How to make a toy', 'How to program Bee-Bot robots'.



Prep students have the opportunity to enjoy Prep Investigations for one session a week where they take part in a variety of themed play-based learning areas that change regularly and integrate with classrooms topics. Investigation areas have included fine motor skills practice, communities, living, non-living, past, and present. The Prep Investigations program is designed to develop children's vocabulary, writing and social skills.



Students have access to laptops and iPads. They use a range of technologies to aid their learning in all curriculum areas. Students are taught specific skills to allow them to use technology independently. All Prep classrooms have Interactive TVs that engage children in their learning and provides diversity in the delivery of the curriculum.



The Personal Development program in Prep provides an opportunity for children to begin to build their knowledge of our school values. It supports children to develop reslience, the skills needed to be a good friend and develop an understanding of the school rules.



Each week Preps participate in Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Library Education, STEM and Italian lessons throughout the year.